Choosing what to wear on your wedding day is a significant part of the wedding experience. We help you find the look that is 100% you. Seeing your reflection in the dress is another part of that “this is really happening” feeling! We’re honored to be part of this important moment as you take the next step in your story.

Noa \ʼnōә\ movement, motion

Our Values

Noa is more than a bridal shop. It is a movement to change the status quo of the bridal industry. We promote sustainability, ethical production and inclusivity.

Eco-Options and Ethical Production

When you shop with Noa, you can be sure you are supporting small production, independent designers who are thoughtful about the materials they use and their production process. We believe the fashion industry needs to change dramatically in terms of sustainability and ethical manufacturing. Now is the perfect time to explore what slow fashion and eco textiles are all about.


We’re promoting changes in the bridal industry so that brides of color, LGBTQ brides, and brides of all shapes, sizes, and abilities are served well. Noa is a safe space for all brides to be their authentic selves as they shop for wedding apparel.

Giving Back

Noa is a registered Benefit Corporation in the State of Nebraska. As such, we are women-owned and give 20% of net profits back to the community, prioritizing organizations that support entrepreneurs of color and women-owned ventures.